If there is any god please let me die today, i am just suffering here and its not fair. If a few months of happiness is all i get i dnt want to live. Im praying to a god i dont believe in to kill me today.

I have been gone

I decided not t use this for quite some time now because i was happy i actually felt like a human and actually felt some kind of happiness and love in my life but now that’s all gone so im back to be miserable again, and i have never felt worse id rather be abused again than deal with this shit honestly.

lonely, and wanting love

Im feeling really alone today..idk if its cause vals depressed and not talking much or what but i hate this feeling and its making me want to cut. Ugh i suck. i just want to be not grounded anymore so i can go live my life with my gf and friends and start my stupid summer. im also really nervous that i didnt pass my math test but whatever at this point all i wanna do is see val hold her in my arms and eat her face off and just tell her how beautiful she is so we can both feel better.