I started my new therapist today, hes a guy he seems nice, im feeling horrible from this medication in like a zoombie my brain hurts to think


So your keeping me away from everyone because my therapist said im dangerous because of my schitzophrenia? your fucking kidding me right…so for the past 3 weeks you have been fucking up all my friendships because you want to listen to some bitch tell you that i am a danger to society because of my mental instability. And you are just telling me this now… the whole time when i didnt understand why i wasnt aloud to see any of my friends that was the fucking reason? What was your next plan tell me? what were you going to fucking do put me in a bubble, a hospital, what? You may not hit me, or yell at me, or rape me, but you are the same liar mom is. How could you not fucking tell me that.